While publications disseminate knowledge, presentations are the medium where knowledge is generated and co-created between professionals.


This is not a SHOW-show: Contrastive Focus Reduplication in English. Short comedy presentation at “Pints & PowerPoints” at Boom Chicago, Amsterdam (10 February 2022).


Following Fowler: a bird’s-eye view of the English usage guide. Symposium “Life After HUGE?”University of Leiden (9 December 2016)


Compiling the HUGE database. Workshop “How useful are usage guides?” for TeamWork. Utrecht, Netherlands (6 February 2015).


Presenting the HUGE database + observations on usage guides and usage problems. University of Cambridge, UK (27 June 2014)


A Perspective on Prescriptivism: the reception of an English usage guide. University of Leiden, Netherlands (14 June 2013)

The English Hyper Usage Guide. Utrecht University, Netherlands (7 February 2013)


The Normative Force of Custom: normative language in Joseph Priestley’s descriptive English grammar. Bogazici University, Turkey (6 September 2012)

Usage & Normativism: Public Discourse & Critical Language Awareness. University of Zürich, Switzerland (21 August 2012)


Late Modern English Grammars: Prescriptivism, Text type & Style. Leiden University, Netherlands (May 2011)

Waarom is EDBO nuttig voor de historische taalkunde? (with Dr. Gijsbert Rutten). Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden, Netherlands (6 April 2011)


Long-s in Late Modern English Manuscripts: The Letters of Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) and Lindley Murray (1745-1826). (with Lyda Fens-de Zeeuw). University of Sheffield, UK (May 2010)


The Genesis of Joseph Priestley’s Rudiments of English Grammar. University of Utrecht, Netherlands (May 2011).

Joseph Priestley and the Founding Fathers: social networks, normative influence and the ‘metropolitan standard’. University of Toronto, Canada (August 2009)

Voorzetselplaatsing in the brieven van Joseph Priestley en Benjamin Franklin. Leiden University (2009)


An 18th‐Century Grammarian’s Usage: be/have variation in the letters of Joseph Priestley. Ludwig‐Maximilians‐Universität, Munich, Germany (August 2008)

From Copy to Corpus: building and using the Joseph Priestley Letter Corpus. Leiden University, Netherlands (21 November 2008)

De brieven van Joseph Priestley: transcriptie voor een electronisch corpus. Letters as Loot Project. Leiden University (2008)


Towards a Quantification of Prescriptivism. Leiden University, Netherlands (August 2007)

Hedging in Eighteenth‐century Scientific English: the case of Joseph Priestley. Uppsala Universitet, Sweden (June 2007)

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