The Routledge Handbook of Prescriptivism

I am one of the co-editors of the Routledge Handbook of Prescriptivism, a new volume in the Routledge series of handbooks on linguistic topics. The main goal of each handbook is to survey a topic, explaining why the area is important, and critically discussing the leading views in the area.

The Routledge Handbook of Prescriptivism will be jointly edited by prof. Joan Beal, dr. Morana Lukač and dr. Robin Straaijer, with prof. Carol Percy and prof. Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade on the editorial board in an advisory capacity.

The goal is to develop a widely usable handbook that provides a comprehensive and useful overview of the field of linguistic prescriptivism. The aim of the project is to provide a map of the current status quo of the field, adding to it the uncharted territory of prescriptivism and thus mark its two-decade transformation into a serious field of study within linguistics. Both the value and the method of studying prescriptivism have been challenged in the past, and this handbook is the first large-scale attempt to make a robust step towards demonstrating both.

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