About me

Form does not follow function.
Form IS function.

I improve content, promoting clarity, good flow and a seamless integration of text and visuals. I have over 15 years of experience as a professional writer. I write in native level English, edit texts and review articles & books. I make your stories better through linguistics-driven editing, writing, combined with visual storytelling.

I believe that in written and visual storytelling, form does not follow function, but form is function. An example is the Round Robin, which historically was a petition in which the signees write their names in a circular pattern, so that none of the signees could be identified as the ringleader. It was often used by sailors as a precaution against the severe and harsh punishments for disobedience and mutiny.

I also teach science communication in academic English, specifically writing and presenting. My scientific background is in English social-historical linguistics, specialising in questions of language standardisation, usage and prescriptivism, and language attitudes. In addition I am interested in corpus linguistics and discourse analysis.